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L.A. Colors Cosmetics - Eyes

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hi guys! Today is Part 2 of my L.A. Colors Cosmetics review! Let's take a look at some eye makeup products!

I'm going to begin with two 5-Color Metallic Eyeshadow palettes. The blue one is called Ocean Breeze and the pink one is called Lollipop. These are such cute little palettes. L.A. Colors has 24 palettes to choose from so these 2 are a just a little sampling of what you can get.

I'll start out with Ocean Breeze. for both palettes, the shadow is swatched over a primer.

This 5-Color palette contains a shimmer white, green, blue, purple, and black. I love this palette simply for the colors in the middle. Having a white and a black in this palette also gives you the option for some smokey goodness or highlighting effects. They apply pretty flawlessly but be careful of some of the excess loose powder you'll have at the end of your brush.

Lollipop is full of pinks and purples. They aren't super pigmented or bright, so you could achieve a very natural look with this palette. These applied the same as the Ocean Breeze palette. I'd recommend using these colors for your daytime look and then if you go out for some night time action, add some of the purple and black from Ocean Breeze for a smokey look.

Let's move on to some eyeliner! So, let me just tell you that I already have an eyeliner that I trust and love. I'm also not the best at applying liner, but given the right applicator and formula, you wouldn't think I was a beginner.

These Grafix Eyeliners are pretty amazing for a drugstore brand liner. I have 3 of the 10 colors they have available. The awesome people at L.A. Colors must know me because I was super excited to try out the purple one!

Okay, from L to R I have Black, Charcoal, and Purple eye liner. They have a foam tip applicator and is supposed to be smudge-proof, tear-proof, and water resistant. How do you think they did?

I swatched these 3 with thin to thick lines because we all have out favorite liner looks, right? I used 2 layers of product to achieve these looks and they don't look too bad. I let it dry for about a minute or two and then I tried to rub it off to test its durability.

I'm impressed! The product that came off of my fingers did not affect the look of the liner at all. It didn't smudge and it basically stayed put. I'd say if you wanted a less expensive alternative to some high-end liners, go for this. Or, if you're a beginner like me, start out with these first.

Lastly I have 3 Jumbo Eye Pencils. All 3 glide on super smooth and have great color and coverage. Use these as a base for your eyeshadow or alone to give a pop of color to your eyes.

I even tried these on my lower lid and I had no discomfort with smooth application. Have you ever gone bold with green eyes before?

Here are my favorite items from this review. The Ocean Breeze palette is on top. I love the black liner, but I'm sticking with the purple just because it gives that extra pop of color. The White Jumbo Eye Pencil is useful in so many ways. Since I don't have but 1 white pencil in my entire collection, I'm labeling this as a keeper.

If you would like more information on L.A. Colors Cosmetics, be sure to visit them on their:

Pick up these items and more at a retail store near you!

These items were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Great swatches on all the eye items. The eyeshadows look good :)


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