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KKcenterHK Nail Stamp & Stud Review!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hi guys! Today I have 2 items for review from KKcenterHK. The first is a N.NAIL Hello Kitty KT Heart Bow Flower Doll Stamping Plate [product NNAIL-SPPMF13] and the second is a set of N.NAIL Studs Circular Silver 1.5mm Nail Art Decorations [product NNAIL-DRN659].

Of course I had to go for the Hello Kitty stamping plate because I LURVE Hello Kitty! I have a HK stamp already, but none that actually look like her. This one is pretty spot on. I also don't have ANY studs for my nails so I figured this would be a great opportunity to try them!

The stamping plate is just like most of your typical stamping plates. It's sturdy and the images are etched pretty well. There is no paper backing on these like you get with Bundle Monster but that's not an issue for me.

They also sent their scraper and stamper to try out with the plate. The scraper is attached to the other end of the stamper. I tried it, but I found myself going back to my Konad scraper. The KKCenterHK one just didn't get enough of the polish off. I was picking up extra polish in addition to the image.

Okay, so on to my manicure. When you think of Hello Kitty, you think of pink, right? Most of you know I am not a fan of pink but I do love Hello Kitty. I'll give into the pink just for her. I am using ALL JulieG polishes for this. The colors shown below are White Orchid, Cupcakes & Castles, Julie's Fave, and A Star is Born.

I started out by painting all of my nails with 2 coats of Cupcakes & Castles except for my ring finger which is 2 coats of Julie's Fave.

Next, I took White Orchid and with my dotting tool, created a "dotticure" on my middle finger. Now, the plate has images other than Hello Kitty so to make the design flow, I used both of the heart designs [White Orchid and Julie's Fave]. One is on my pinky [with dot accents] and the other one is on my pointer finger [with dot accents]. 

For my accent finger, Hello Kitty made an appearance. I took A Star is Born and diagonally sponged it on because I wanted it to look like Hello Kitty was peeking out behind the glitter. I also added a little stud to her bow since it was the perfect size! Hello Kitty needed some bling.

On the thumb, I used a full sized HK image and the strawberries that are at the top of the stamping plate.

Finally, I added 7 studs to my middle finger [the one with the dots]. They applied easily with top coat and have stayed on without chipping.

I threw on top coat over all the nails to protect my precious design. I'm quite happy with my nails and with the products I got to try! I'm most happy that the images worked completely. I had no issues with stamping--I just took forever to come up with a decent mani.

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to check out KKcenterHK on:

Hello Kitty nail art

Hello Kitty nail art

Hello Kitty nail art

Hello Kitty nail art

Hello Kitty nail art

Stamping plate and studs were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure polisy for more information.

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