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June Ipsy Glam Bag

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hi guys! Today I have my June Ipsy bag to show you! I was so impressed with my May [and first] Ipsy bag and I'm pretty impressed with the June bag too. I think I'll actually use every single one of these products...the orange blush is a little iffy, but we'll see.

Everything received was a full sized item or an item that can be purchased from the company's website in that size. Here is a breakdown of MSRP/value:
  • Freeman Beaut Psssst! Dry Shampoo travel size: $2.99
  • J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette in Suzie: $4.49
  • Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner: $21
  • Starlooks Lip Pencil in Tipsy: $12
  • Nyx Rouge Cream Blush in Orange: $6

So, in this bag, I received just almost $50 worth of products. If you want to get technical, it's $46.48 and everything is available in these sizes to purchase from each of the brand websites.

Okay, so getting into the first item. I have been only a recent user of dry shampoo. The one I currently use is from TRESemme and I love it. I started using it because I had gotten bangs and I heard it was a lifesaver. Now I'm seeing the dry shampoo trend for volume. I've definitely noticed extra volume with the other dry shampoos I have used and this one is no different. This tiny can won't last me long, but now I have another brand to seek out next time I'm out to buy dry shampoo.

GLITTER! EYESHADOW! WOW. So I completely didn't expect this to be COMPLETELY glitter, but it is! I thought maybe this would have been a super creamy glitter shadow but it's mostly glitter and very non-creamy. I wouldn't use this alone but it would be great for glitter accents on your eyes, or anywhere on your face, really. Don't use your fingers to apply it because you'll end up with more on the finger than your face.

This is my first eyeliner in a pot and I am impressed. The brush it comes with is great and you can easily control where the liner goes. It's also most definitely smudge- and waterproof. When I tried to remove it after swatching, it took a little scrubbing to get it off. You definitely don't have to worry about it going anywhere. Even though it's a purple color, it's dark enough that your eyes won't be screaming color to the world. As you can see, you can apply it any which way you'd like and it will stay put.

Okay, so I'm not a lip pencil [or any product] pro, but I actually really love this formula and color. It glides on super smooth and isn't too pink for my liking. I might be incorporating this into my "natural makeup" look/collection.

Lastly we have an orange blush. This is my first orange blush and my first cream blush. I was a little apprehensive about the orange, but I think if I stick to the "just a dab'll do ya" then I'll be just fine. It's all about the blending. =P

So, what did you think of this month's June bag for me? Did they do right with the items? Price-wise, it's still worth it for me and it's helping me to grow my makeup collection with things that I wouldn't normally buy for myself.

What's your favorite item from this month?

If you're convinced that this is a GREAT deal each month, join the Ipsy community

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  1. Great items in your bag this month! Totally worth it :)

  2. I'm very curious about this dry shampoo. Pls review it, ones you had the chance to try it :)



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