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Product Review: étoile polish

Monday, January 14, 2013

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then I've just made 3 new best friends. I came across a new polish called "étoile polish" from New York. The creator is Erin Farber and she has created beautiful polishes with real diamond dust in them.

Her line of polishes revolve around brides and their weddings...which is only fitting tying in the diamond theme.

In the bridal collection of polish, she even has sets of polish to give away as gifts to bridesmaids or the mother of the bride. Each of those sets range from $29-$46.

Now, onto what I'll be showing you today. I was lucky enough to receive the Winter in Central Park set which contains 3 polishes. Two of those polishes are part of the bridal collection.

Here is how the set is described per the website:

Winter in Central Park Set
Capture a New York moment with our Winter in Central Park Collection – infused with real diamond dust. We've taken our classic Asscher snow white color and paired it with Reservoir, a periwinkle blue gray, and Frosted Berry, a deep red (with just a hint of pink). Whether you’re heading to the office holiday party or ringing in the New Year, these colors have got you covered (in diamonds, that is!).

I also want to point out that even though this polish is free of those harmful chemicals, it still has that nostalgic polish smell. You know what I'm talking about? The way polish USED to smell all those years ago.

Onto the swatches!

Asscher applied flawlessly. This is a subtle and classy polish that you could wear anywhere, including your own wedding. It is inspired by the Asscher cut diamond. I used 3 thin coats to achieve the look below.

étoile Asscher
étoile Asscher

Reservoir looks exactly on the nail as it does in the bottle. I am a sucker for any blue and this dusty blue gray definitely does it for me. It's pretty pigmented and total opacity can almost be achieved in one coat. I used 2 to cover any minor imperfections.

étoile Reservoir
étoile Reservoir

Frosted Berry is the most pigmented of the set. It could definitely be a one coater if you tried. The diamond dust shines only at certain angles on the nail but is very evident in the bottle. Not being a big fan of pink, I was scared that it would appear too girl on the nail. It, in fact, looked very red on the nail and super sophisticated. It's perfect for winter--too bad I'm in sunny FL! 

étoile Frosted Berry
étoile Frosted Berry

Overall, I am definitely in LOVE with these polishes! I am super impressed with how well they applied and how true the colors were from bottle to nail. Having a little bit of bling in the bottle just adds that extra bonus!

These polishes retail for $18 for an individual bottle or you can purchase the entire set for $38.

Look for them on Facebook and Twitter and let them know what you thought!

These products were provided to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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