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Guest Post: Accio Lacquer - Summer Skittles

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

**Have you been enjoying these guest posts so far? Today's guest blogger is Mish from Accio Lacquer. I freaking LOVE her and she is so darn sweet! I go GAGA over her nails always. I'm sure you've seen her swatches floating around on the Facebook and the interwebs. READ ON**

Well hello there, loyal followers of the goddess herself! My name is Mish and I'm the ridiculous flailer over at Accio Lacquer! I get far too excited about the smallest of things, I use gifs to emote most of the feelings I experience, and I will matte the absolute frak out of a manicure! Which totally negates the fact that I didn't matte the manicure I have for you today. The contradictor strikes again!

When Kat asked me to do a guest post for her, I positively jumped at the chance! She probably thought it's because I was being kind. In reality, I said yes because I plan to test out my latest trial invention. It's basically a muggle version of Amortentia. If all goes according to plan, by the end of this post you will have fallen in love with me! *crosses fingers* My swatching schedule rarely allows me the time to try out nail art looks, so I was thrilled with the opportunities this guest post presented me with. First I tried to do a holographic spun sugar manicure, as that is a look that Kat did ages ago that I've always wanted to try. It, uhhh....it didn't work out. So I spent about three days just trying to find ANY inspiration. Then my eyes landed on a necklace that my dad had surprised me with a few years back. Onward, to the smexiness!

Accio Lacquer Lacquer: Summer Skittles
Accio Lacquer Lacquer: Summer Skittles
Accio Lacquer Lacquer: Summer Skittles

Accio Lacquer Lacquer: Summer Skittles

Okay, if you are with me on this, we should have matching floor-jawitis! Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty sure I can even hear Summer speeding up her ETA after seeing this look! Let's dissect this mani, shall we? On my pointer finger, I created a staggered vein look using striping tape and polishes in coral and turquoise. My middle finger shows a solid background with the same turquoise, but I decided to make it a bit BAMF-y by using some spike studs along my cuticle. My ring phalange shows the simplest look, it's just sporting a gold textured polish. And I naturally had to pay homage to Kat's signature style by adding some spun sugar goodness to my pinky. Señor pinkie also serves to show that the coral polish I used has a totally awesome matte finish! Polishes used in this manicure: Orly Bonder, Indie Polish Matte Me Coral, Essie Where's My Chauffeur, OPI Honey Ryder, Digital Nails Ain't Nobody Got Time for That.


TA-DA!!! There you have it, folks! I really hope you liked my momentary take-over of Kat's blog! If you are feeling compelled and somewhat swayed by my ways, please feel free to come join me on the geek side! And mega thanks to Kat for handing me her baby for the day. Even with my lack of maternal instincts, I managed not to drop her! Yes, I just compared a blog to a baby.

Oh, and if Kat tries to tell you that she was obsessed with my blog before I was obsessed with hers, don't listen! She's a totally fabulous liar-face on that front! 

 Geek & Love, Mish

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  1. These look great! Nice guest post. Love how they all look together.


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