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Product Review: Wet Paint Nail Glaze - Part 2

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello everyone! Here is Part 2 of my Wet Paint Nail Glaze review! I have 3 more base colors to show you and 2 top coat glazes as well.

First up is a beautiful deep red called Crimson & Clover. It went on super smooth in 2 coats. This is without a top coat. I'm starting to appreciate reds more and this one certainly does it for me.

Wet Paint Nail Glaze Crimson & Clover

Wet Paint Nail Glaze Crimson & Clover

Second up is Play Misty 4 Me. It's sort of an asphalty-gray color with a little bit of sparkle. It dries with almost a suede finish but just enough gloss to keep you from leaving off a top coat. This also applied with 2 coats. There's a little bit of streakiness that happens because of the metallic value of the polish, but I think it gives my nails a cool effect.

Wet Paint Nail Glaze Play Misty 4 Me

Wet Paint Nail Glaze Play Misty 4 Me

Briefly, we have Goldie Luxe. This one is similar to Orly Luxe but I still love it. It's a perfect gold with lots of sparkle. I'm going to have to try it out with stamping and get back to you guys. This applies well with 2 even coats.

Wet Paint Nail Glaze Goldie Luxe

So, what I have here is a Top Coat Glaze which you can probably compare to China Glaze's Tranzitions, except this is an ACTUAL color glaze. Here I have what I think is "Willful." There was no label on it, but it's sort of a yellowy-orange glaze.

I tried it over Call the Chauffeur to make it transition into a beautiful orange. At least this way, once you make your designs, you can apply a top coat safely without changing the color of your entire nail.

Wet Paint Nail Glaze Willful

Wet Paint Nail Glaze Willfull

The only Top Coat Glaze I didn't try yet is the Loco color. It's a deep purple-blue and I just haven't found the right combination to show you how truly amazing the color is. It looks almost black in the picture. I'll have to try it over one of my pastels and I'll post the update at the bottom of this post.

Wet Paint Nail Glaze Willful | Loco | Carmel Breeze

I hope you enjoyed these polishes as well. If you want to order them or just want more information, visit Wet Paint Nail Glaze System on:

These products were provided to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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