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NailNation3000: Kat Stays Polished LE Polish

Thursday, February 20, 2014

AH-MAH-GAH! I knew this polish was going to be AMAZING when I saw Maria's video about the new shades she made including this surprise one for me...but I had NO idea I would love it THIS much! Who am I kidding?! I ALWAYS love the polishes from Maria!

So, here it is, folks! Kat Stays Polished in all her glory! They are definitely sold out so if you want more.....uh...BEG Maria. I have no idea if she is ever going to make more, but I am SO happy I got one of my own!

For the swatches, I used the Skunk Base Coat and the 45-Second Top Coat from NailNation3000. I applied 2 coats of KSP. This first photo is in indirect light. I LOVEEEEEEE how gorgeous this purple is. So sweet and soft. Seriously the perfect shade for me.

These last 3 photos are in direct light [white LED lamp] so that you can see all of the holo goodness in this polish. I can't even describe it anymore than I already have. Just take each picture for what it is....and it IS AMAZING!!!

I don't need to tell you that visiting all of Maria's social media accounts is a must...because you already know that it is. I will link to all her stuff so I hope you clicky! Let her know what you think of this shade!!!

*I purchased this polish using a blogger discount code. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. Ah its gorgeous!! So much holo goodness! :D

  2. So pretty! Love the soft shade!
    Also, a really nice veteran blogger explained to me that people don't actually see your comment replies if you reply by the built in Blogger thing, because there is no notification email. They'll get a reply if you email them back from the email notification.
    Hima Hearts

    1. Yea, idk.....If I reply using the email...it emails you, hahaha. I will look into another comment thing though....I just have heard so many mixed things on all the different comment things. BLAH!


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