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Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oil Review and GIVEAWAY!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey guys! Today I have an exciting post for you! Do you remember a while back when I reviewed an Emerald & Ash polish and cuticle oil from my NailNation3000 prize pack? Well, I get to review some really awesome cuticle oils today!!!

I am so obsessed with this brand. I love their packaging, I love their products, and Ashley is such a sweetheart! So, if you don't already know, Emerald & Ash is an indie brand. This husband and wife team creates fantastic nail polish colors and fabulous cuticle oils. All oils come in a glass bottle with a metal roller ball for easy application. This was one of the first things I fell in love with. I've even used the unscented oil to soothe my eyebrows after tweezing!

Skipping forward to now, Ashley asked if I'd like to review more cuticle oils. Of course I said yes! She told me to pick out 3 new scents I'd like to try...out of 85! Those 85 are just some individual scents. Ask for any combination of scents for an endless amount of possibilities. It took me forever to choose what I wanted to try but I ended up with Coconut Lime Verbena, Dreamsicle, and Fresh Strawberry. The base of all of these cuticle oils include: fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, tea tree oil, vitamin A oil and vitamin E oil. Fragrance and Essential oils can be added to this base for your very own custom oil!

In case you're wondering, you can view all the scents HERE on their website.

Okay, so let me get into talking about each of the scents I got!

Coconut Lime Verbena: I wanted to try this because I was obsessed with the Bath and Body Works scent like this that no longer exists. I am a coconut fan anyway so I definitely had to give this a try. It definitely satisfies my craving for this scent and it's perfect for the summer, especially if you'll be traveling to the beach a lot. Yep, I like to keep cuticle oil with me to re-moisturize my fingers after playing in the sand.

Dreamsicle: Who doesn't love a cold creamy dreamsicle? I will love them forever and if I can get it trapped in a bottle then all the better! When you initially smell it from the bottle, it has a very subtle dreamiscle scent. After you apply it, it build just a little bit. I think it has to mix with your body chemistry to really get the scent to come out. It isn't super strong, which can be a good thing for some people. If you're looking for a sweet scent that isn't too overpowering, definitely go for something like Dreamsicle.

Fresh Strawberry: Lastly...my absolute favorite of the 3. I LOVE THIS FRESH STRAWBERRY CUTICLE OIL! Oh my gosh it makes me want to eat my fingers! This has such a fruity, strawberry smell and it lasts a long time on your fingers. Just LOVE!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be ordering this scent in bulk forever!

Okay, so now that we've gone through the nitty gritty...let's get to the giveaway! Emerald & Ash has been generous enough to offer $40 in gift cards to my readers. I'm splitting this in 2 giving 2 people the chance to win!

The oils are VERY affordable. You can choose from a 10mL bottle for $4.25, a 4mL 3-pack for $6.50, or a 7mL bottle for $3.25. They also offer a "Scent of the Month" for  $3.75. 

Enter through the Rafflecopter below. This will end in 2 weeks so good luck! You definitely want to win because I promise you...you'll fall in LOVE with their products!!

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*Products were either won in a giveaway or sent for review by company. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. These sound really nice. I love cuticle oils too so thanks for the giveaway as well!

  2. I sure would love to try them !

  3. Wow thanks for the opportunity!


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