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L.A. Colors Cosmetics - Lips

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi guys! Today I have for you Part 1 of my review for L.A. Colors Cosmetics! Today I'm covering the lips part of my review.

In my goody bag, I received 6 lip products to try. They are all glosses and 3 of them have glitter!

So let's begin with these. I have a Jellie, Shimmer, and Sparkle gloss. These are a hot new item and can be found on the L.A. Colors website. The three shown below are: L to R - Splash, Twinkle, and Wink. All three of them have a decent amount of gloss to them when applied. They aren't sticky and they smell delicious and fruity!

Splash looks like a deep red gloss, but in fact, it's a very subtle color. It smells like candy and goes on smooth. It's hard to tell the shade on my lips, but this is something I could wear every day.

Twinkle is a sheer pink sparkle gloss. It's light in color and has iridescent microglitters in it that sparkle when the light hits your lips. 

Wink is a smooth coral gloss with just a hint of shimmer. I actually love this one the most. I've been loving coral lately, which is weird because I don't normally lean towards pinks or oranges...like ever. This gloss is my favorite of the 3. 

Below are 3 Brilliant Shine Glitter Glosses which are also a new item for L.A. Colors. Although the seem deep in color in the bottle, they appear quite sheer on the lips. These are like a glitter top coat for your lips. I swatched them on my arm to give you a better look at the glitter density for when you apply it.

As you can see, the blue one is probably the best one to apply that will give you the most glitter in application. These are a bit thicker than the glosses above so it was harder to get the product out of the bottle. You have to work it a little bit to get it to come out, but when you do, get ready for glitter.

I'm not sure who wear glitter on their lips anymore, but the pink one could be good for every day use and maybe younger teens would love this. I'm almost 30 and I'm not sure I could pull of this glitter look.

So, what do you think? My favorite of all 6 is Wink, for sure. It goes on smooth, has a great sweet smell, and is a great color for daily wear.

If you would like more information on L.A. Colors Cosmetics, be sure to visit them on their:

Pick up these items and more at a retail store near you!

These items were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Great review on all these lip items :) I like Wink and Splash a lot.

  2. Hey, I just found your blog! Awesome goody bag!
    Can't wait to see more posts from you :) Hope to see you around my blog: spilledpolish!

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish
    ps. check out my handmade nail polish - Beyond the Nail :)


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