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Clear Rayz - Review: Day 1

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hi guys! Today in the mail I received a device to test and review that will hopefully take care of my mild acne and blemishes. If you don't like It's called the Clear Rayz device. Here is a little info acne and the device directly from their website:

Acne (pimples, or zits) is a condition of the skin caused by changes in oil production beneath the surface. It begins to appear at the onset of puberty as hormones are maturing. Inaccurately described as “teenage acne,” these unsightly outbreaks are found in both males and females, most often on the face, but also on the chest, back, shoulders, and can continue throughout life. 

The scientific explanation is that these oils combine with dead skin cells to block pores. Beneath these blocked pores, bacteria cause the inflammation and eruption of pimples, pustules, black heads and an uneven skin texture. Over time, even moderate acne can cause scarring that lasts a lifetime. 

The heartbreak of acne is not just the pimple, but the far-reaching effect pimples can have upon a young (or mature) person. No one likes the way acne looks! A bumpy face can cause withdrawal and low self-esteem. This often comes at a time when young people are establishing their adult personalities and wish to be accepted by their peers. Severe acne can impact the way a person feels about himself for the rest of his or her life.

Research has shown that blue light at 415 nanometers activates chemical changes in the bacteria which destroy it. Red light at 633 nanometers penetrates the skin to combat the inflammation and heal the breakout.

So now that we've gotten through all of the technical stuff, I'll be posting every week to show any and all progress. My husband will also be joining me on this journey as he has some trouble spots on his face too.

Today is day 1 and according to the instructions, we are supposed to use the blue light for 20 minutes. We are treating different areas of the face as you will see in the pictures below. We are to hold the light up to our face pressing gently to allow the light to penetrate our skin. The blue light will beep and turn off after 5 minutes. We then move on to the next area.

Come back next week for our week 1 review!

Clear Rayz - Day 1: Kat

Clear Rayz - Day 1

Check out Clear Rayz on:

This device was provided for testing purposes and an honest review. All opinions are our own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Can't wait to see your progress with this little device.

  2. Very cool! Can't wait to hear about your experience as your progress!


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