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Product Review: Dreams Cosmetics from FabulouStreet.com

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hey guys! So, you may know FabulousStreet.com for selling the Nfu-Oh brand of nail polish as well as Layla.

The concept of the brand: Beauty starts from dreams. Without dreaming of becoming beautiful, there will never be beauty. Dreams  Cosmetics also carries professional acrylic products and nail care items.

The first item up is a calcium nail treatment. This can be used as a base coat, alone with one coat, or something similar to Julep's Oxygen Treatment - a nail makeup with 2 coats.

Per the website description:
Dreams Cosmetics - D's Calcium

D's Calcium is designed for customer with poor, growth-challenged nails.

Easy to apply | Dries quickly | Special Formulated to prevent discoloration, yellowing & color fading

How to use:
*Apply on a clean & bare nail
*Apply one coat under your nail polish will protect your nails and increase wear
*Apply two coats for shiny nail make-up
*Repeat application every week regularly to promote healthy nail growth

The second item I received is their 2-in-1 base and top coat. I used it as both and it dried pretty fast as a base coat, but as a top coat it took just a little bit longer. It's super shiny and glides right over the glitter polish.

Per the website description:

Dreams Cosmetics - 2in1 Base & Top Coat

 Everything you'd need in one bottle!

*Fast Drying
*Glossy Shine Finish
*Perfect to protect natural nails even if you don't feel like having color that one day, apply just one coat on clean & bare nail, it will brings out the natural beauty of your nails. (Best result goes with D's Calcium Strengthener)

*Cost effective for having Base & Top in ONE bottle
*This product is 3 BIG free (DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde)

Now on to the polish! This line of polish is BIG 3 FREE and also cruelty free! When I was asked to review these products, I only made one request. I wanted, at the very least, to be sent the Scorpio polish because that's my sign...and my husband's..his mom's, grandma's, and stepdad's sign. It's important to us. They also sent me Taurus [my dad's sign] and Starry Night.

This is a very glitter-packed polish, and pretty thick. I never thought of Scorpio to be a purple sort of color. I always imagined it to be a fiery red & orange combination.

I used two coats for the picture below and they weren't very thick coats. This polish has beautiful blue and purple micro glitters as well as pretty big silver hexes. When it's on the nail, it completely blows me away! If you love glitter, you'll definitely love this polish.

After the two coats dried, the surface of my nail was surprisingly smooth. It wasn't bumpy or textured like you would imagine a glitter bomb polish to be. It actually feels more textured after the top coat is applied.

Dreams Cosmetics Scorpio

Dreams Cosmetics Scorpio

This polish is also a glitter-packed polish with bits of black, bronze, and gold micro glitters. Like Scorpio, it has silver hex glitters scattered around. I thought this one wasn't as thick, which is weird. I'm sure they are the same.

Two coats were used for the pics below. I applied the Calcium and the 2-in1 Base under the polish and then topped it off with 1 coat of the 2-in-1 Top Coat.

Dreams Cosmetics Taurus

Dreams Cosmetics Taurus
Starry Night:
Starry night is, as you can guess, packed with glitter! It's got black and silver micro glitters and the same silver hex glitters. As with the other two, I applied a layer of Calcium, a layer of 2-in-1, 2 coats of the glitter, and then topped it off with the 2-in-1.

This one really looks like a bright starry night. This would also be a great topper over black or as an accent nail.

Dreams Cosmetics Starry Night

Dreams Cosmetics Starry Night

Now that you've seen the polish, let's get down to the nitty gritty!

FabulouStreet is offering all my readers a 20% off discount for all Dreams Cosmetics products! At checkout, use code: KatStaysPolished -- valid for 1 month from today!

In addition to the 20%, FabulouStreet is also offering a FREE bottle of the Dreams Cosmetics 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat with any Dream Cosmetics order over $30!

Be sure to visit FabulouStreet on:

These products were provided for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Please see disclosure policy for more details.

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