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Product Review: 1Q32 Instant Gellish - Week 1

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Hello polish folks! It's been one whole week since I've applied the 1Q32 Instant Gellish polish.

On Wednesday (4 days after initial application) I stamped over the the gel with Konad stamping polish and a full size image. I wanted to see how well the gel top coat really worked. The initial idea came from my good friend over at Lacque Enthusiasm. She said, "Just stamp over them." GENIUS!

The day before this, I felt my left thumb nail almost break. If it weren't for the gel, it probably would have broken all the way. This is probably true for most gel polishes, so I wouldn't necessarily say this "brand" SAVED my nail.

Now it's strong again because of the top coat. Here is the look I came up with:

To me, it brings the loudness of the pink down a couple notches. I couldn't bare to stare at my hot pink nails for this long.

So far it's holding up. No chips, no peeling, nothing! It's staying strong so I'm hopeful for the 2nd week. This is the longest I have had anything on my nails in a long time. I can't wait until next week when I can change to something else!

Now, on my other hand, the one from the video, I'm a little disappointed about. This is the hand I put the top coat on EVERY finger and it has started peeling at the tips. Granted, I didn't follow this technique here, but, I did not expect it to start peeling after a week. Only downside so far. You definitely don't need the top coat to achieve a great polished look.

Also, look at this cool banner they made about my review of their polish.

If you didn't see the first video of the review, check it out HERE.

Stay tuned for the removal video next Saturday! I'll be trying 2 or more ways to remove it. =)

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  1. That's so cool that they made a poster! I also like the stamping, it definitely helps tone down the pink ;)

  2. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster award! Congratulations!

    Keep it up!


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