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A Giveaway Win: Daily Lacquer - Makoto

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hello everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Today I'm going to show you a recent giveaway win from Daily Lacquer.

She had a flash giveaway about 2 weeks ago and I was one of 3 who got to choose a polish from her store.

As always when trying to make a polish decision, I had 3 in mind and couldn't choose. I called my husband over and he picked out Makoto. It's a beautiful green and pink glitter overcoat. I'm not really a pink fan, but I think this was okay and not overdone.

Generally, I think glitter polished are SO pretty in the bottle but when you try to apply it, you've gotta fish out what you REALLY want on your mani. It was the same with this polish, but I still love it. I used two coats of Makoto over the 2 coats of the OPI polish.

Today, I used it over OPI Sparrow me the Drama. Take a look!

OPI Sparrow Me the Drama | Daily Lacquer Makoto

A Giveaway Win: Daily Lacquer

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