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ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates Collection

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I think this is the last thing from my very first ColourPop haul a couple of months ago. This is the Not a Box of Chocolates collection featuring 6 gorgeous shades that are usable the entire year. This collection came out last year I believe and it's no longer available, however, if you like these shades, I'm sure there are lots of alternatives in the ColourPop shop.

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates | Kat Stays Polished

Check out all the super shiny metallics! There is a good mix between matte and metallic, which means there are pretty much a bunch of looks you can create!

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates | Kat Stays Polished

Halo - this soft, sheer shade is just what you need to accent your eye look. Whether you want to make your metallics pop even more or you want to accent your inner corner, this shade has you covered! 

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates - Halo | Kat Stays Polished

Tinsel is super shiny, super metallic, and has a holiday feel. If you have this set, I hope you love this shade as much as I do. It's sort of a pink-y, mauve-y shade that i actually love for all over my lid. My skin tone works well with pinks and purples.

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates - Tinsel | Kat Stays Polished

Sticking with the metallics, let's look at Partridge. The swatch looks almost duo chrome, which I think is an awesome look for the eyes.

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates - Partridge | Kat Stays Polished

Sleigh is a less sheer version of Halo in my opinion. This could serve the same purpose as Halo but I also think it'd do well by itself if you're going for that icy eye look. I still can't get over the metallic awesomeness of some of these. I love it!

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates - Sleigh | Kat Stays Polished

Drift is a mostly matte shade with micro flecks throughout. So, if you're looking for less of a in-your-face metallic look, go for a shade like this with just a hint of sparkle. It is hard for me to pull of dark shades like this alone, but I can use it to smoke out a look...sometimes.

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates - Drift | Kat Stays Polished

Doe-a-Deere is such a cute name for this shade. It looks almost completely matte, and it's matte enough for someone who doesn't want any sparkle, but if you look closely, you can see it. Need a quick smokey eye look? Grab this shade and combine it with Tinsel and Partridge. Perfect!

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates - Doe-a-Deer | Kat Stays Polished

These swatches are done on my bare arm. Look how beautiful! If you never got a chance to buy this, I'd recommend jumping on the most recent Fall collection. You'll find something you love for sure.

ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates | Kat Stays Polished

More from ColourPop:

* Nothing to disclose. I purchased these on my own.

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  1. Love these shades. I am quickly get addicted to Colour Pop

  2. Awesome eyeshadow colors in here.

  3. They have such gorgeous shadows... I am loving Partridge!

  4. These are all very pretty, I am having a hard time deciding on which ones to order so then I just don't order any :)

  5. Partridge is my favorite. I wish they didn't have so many sparkly shades since those are my favorites but I don't look good in them!

  6. Beautiful collection! Every time I see I knew ColourPop collection I get more confused at what to buy, lol

  7. Great swatches! I love colour pop.

  8. Cant wait to try! Those colors are POPPING.

  9. Those are really beautiful colors!!!

  10. I have this collection and have used it so much over the last year. Doe-A-Deer, Partridge and Drift are definitely favorites of mine in this set. :)

  11. All of these are lovely! I think I have a few singles from this!


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