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Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014

Monday, March 03, 2014

Ready for more sweet Spring colors? I've got the new Zoya Awaken collection together with Monet, a soft glitter topper. I was so excited when the information for this collection came out. I simply adore pastel colors.

Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014 | Kat Stays Polished

First up is Dot, a very pastel pink cream polish. This did require 3 coats to get it patch-free and opaque. Actually, all of the polishes swatched are with 3 thin coats. None of my manis felt thick though.

Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014 - Dot | Kat Stays Polished

Shown below is 1 coat of Monet over Dot. It's subtle but some of the glitters are just too hard to see.

Cole is the color of an orange creamsicle. I've been severely obsessed creamsicles lately so...this definitely made mt crave one!

Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014 - Cole | Kat Stays Polished

Again, here is 1 coat of Monet over Cole. 

Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014 - Cole & Monet | Kat Stays Polished

The rest of the colors in this collection are metallic/shimmers. I seriously love pastels like this and I think Zoya did a fantastic job of creating this set. Brooklyn is a pastel yellow metallic that does take 3 coats to become opaque. You also have to be mindful of the brush strokes you take. Too many and you're left with a streaky mess. That's part of the reason why I used 3 coats - my visible brush strokes were minimal.

Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014 - Brooklyn | Kat Stays Polished

Dillon is probably one of my favorites from this collection. The shimmer is just right and I love the way it looks on my nails!

Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014 - Dillon | Kat Stays Polished

Even though blue is my favorite color, Rebel is my 2nd favorite. Together we've got my wedding colors, again! Haha, of course I'd love these two colors together. I may end up doing a mani with these two!

Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014 - Rebel | Kat Stays Polished

Hudson is such a gorgeous purple. It is seriously perfect for spring and, well, I love purple too [just look at my blog]! I'm super happy with the application of all of the metallics in this collection.

Zoya Awaken and Monet - Spring 2014 - Hudson | Kat Stays Polished

If you already own these, which is your favorite? If you haven't already snagged some up, which ones do you really want?

As always, check out Zoya's website to purchase [$9 | $10 for Monet] and all of their social media to keep up with new releases and promotions!

*Products in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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