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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hey guys! So, I'm always curious to check out new apps, especially ones where you can be social with your fellow bloggers and friends. Enter the Frankly Chat app! I hear it's like Snap Chat, only it's texting, not pictures. I've never used Snap Chat, so that's why I'm like...uh...ok.

I downloaded Frankly Chat with some of my fellow HCBN friends and we've been using it for the past few days. It took some getting used to because as soon as you click on a message to read it, it disappears in a hot minute!

Here is a little overview of Frankly Chat and the benefits to having it:

Color your mood! Change the color of your messages to match your mood - make what you say big and loud or small and subtle with a simple pinch!

It’s like a real conversation! Like normal convo’s, all messages disappear after it’s read unless you – the sender – want to keep it!

Hallelujah! You can un-send! – No matter what you send, when you send it, or whom you send it to, you can always un-send and take it back. If someone screen-grabs you’ll know!

Picture Previews – Now you can snap and send edge-to-edge pictures (with a peek-through preview) that you and your friends can open right in the conversation.So Many Ways to Connect – Add friends with an invite and a Personal ID Number (PIN), phone number, or email address. Once connected, you’ll see their profile and can start chatting right away – one-to-one or in groups!

Anonymous conversations. – Want to catch up on the latest gossip? Invite friends into one big anonymous conversation so everyone can say anything they want candidly! Frankly will make sure names don’t show up next to the messages or pictures.

Studying Abroad? Frankly Chat for FREE! – You can chat with friends anywhere in the world for free. All you and your friends need is a Wi-Fi connection.

Here are some more screenshots of actual chat rooms and conversations! This includes anonymous chat, background colors, text seize, etc!

Okay, so here are my likes about this app. I like how you can chat with one person or chat in a group. I like being able to change the background colors and the sizes of my fonts, although I never found myself doing it too often. It's also really cool that the messages stay in your chat until you click to read. Since they are pixelated before you get a chance to read them, if someone has said something that they want to unsend, they can do so before it's even read.

So tell me, are you into chat apps like these? Download it and give it a try! Follow this link HERE. It's available on Android and iPhones - I used my Samsung Galaxy S3 and it works great! Have fun! Add me if you do DL it using my pin number from above!

Be sure to also check out my inspired mani look HERE.

Colorful Leopard Accent Mani | Frankly Chat | Kat Stays Polished

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