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Hot Cinnamon and Cherry On Top: Simple Textured Dotticure

Sunday, March 17, 2013

By now you know I'm obsessed with the Frosted Gum Drops collection by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics and Julie G. Well, recently I won a Jesse's Girl Cosmetics prize pack by Beauty Tidbits. 

In it was a Julie G polish called Cherry On Top. I hadn't used it yet but when I got Hot Cinnamon I just knew the two colors would be perfect together.

Sometimes working with textured is difficult to make a great manicure, so here is something easy for you to try.

I painted the Cherry On Top on my pinky, middle, and pointer finger. After that's dry, paint on a layer of top coat.

Then I painted my ring finger and my thumb with the Hot Cinnamon.

Using a small dotting tool, I created an outline of dots with my Hot Cinnamon on the nails that had Cherry On Top.

No need for a top coat after this since you now have textured polish on your nails. Easy peasy, and cute!

What do ya think?? My husband said they look like pants pockets, hehe.

Textured Dotticure

Textured Dotticure
Textured Dotticure
Textured Dotticure

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  1. Haha - they do look like pockets! So cute though! I love the look of nail art with the textured polishes. :)

    1. These are perfect for nail art! I have a couple more ideas coming to the blog soon!


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