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August PopSugar Must Have Box

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Happy 5th PSMH and Lisa Sugar! The August Must Have Box is fun-filled and crazy delightful!

Included in this celebration box:
  • Cheers Party Tray
  • First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask
  • Dogeared Friendship Bracelet
  • Meri Meri Gold Glittered Candles
  • Fringe Studio Free Spirit Journal
  • Goodie Girl Cookies
  • $25 Shoptiques Gift Card

What I love most about this box is its whimsical feel and ability to make you want to party! If you've never gotten the Must Have Box before, go HERE and enter the code PARTY for $10 off your first one. You won't regret it!

As part of their celebrations, you can also enter their weekly giveaways!

All current Must Have subscribers are eligible for a chance to win! If you are not already signed up, simply sign up before the end of August for a chance to automatically win a *major* surprise each week from following brands:

Week 1: Limited # of lucky subscribers will win something from Pehr Designs 

Week 2: Limited # of lucky subscribers will win something from First Aid Beauty 

Week 3: Limited # of lucky subscribers will win something from Kendra Scott 

Week 4: Limited # of lucky subscribers will win something from Tarte cosmetics 

Week 5 (8/31): 5 Grand Prize! Limited # of subscribers will win something from Cambridge Satchel Co + 1 year Must Have

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