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**CLOSED** Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit + GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hey all! Remember that super awesome deal at Rite Aid a while back for these Gel Strip Starter Kits? Oh my gosh, well, I had everyone [Thanks, Lo!] and their mother...well, my mother, get me a bunch of these! I needed one for myself and I wanted one for a giveaway!

So, I'll be doing a quick review on the kit and then at the bottom of the post I'll have a giveaway for one of you!

Below is what you get in the standard Gel Strips Starter Kit. Included is a 1W LED lamp [big enough to cure 1 finger at a time], 1 set of gel polish strips, 1 nail file, 1 orangewood stick, 2 cleansing wipes, and a gel top coat.

Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit - Wine Not

The first step is the cleanse your nails of any oil, dust, and, of course, polish.

Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit - Cleanse Nails

Next, choose the strip that closely matches your nail width and shape. Try not to get it too close to the cuticle or it won't stay sealed after you cure it.

Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit - Apply Strips

File down the strips so that there's nothing hanging off your nail. These gel polish strips are a bit thicker than the regular polish strips. You should still be cautious not to rip the strips.

Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit - File Strips

Working with just one nail at a time, apply a thin layer of the gel top coat over the polish strips. Be careful not to get any on your skin.

Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit - Apply Gel Coat

Cure 1 nail at a time under the lamp provided. It will automatically shut off when it's done curing.

Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit - Cure Nails

After all the nails have been cured, use the remaining cleansing wipe to remove the tacky film of your cured nails.

Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit - Cleanse Tacky Film

Apply cuticle oil to your nails afterwards and moisturize! You're done!

Sally Hansen Gel Strips Starter Kit - Wine Not

I actually love how quick this process was. I love gel polish in general, especially for days I know I won't have time to do a manicure or for when I have to go out of town.

I'm not sure I absolutely LOVE the polish strips, but I definitely love the ease of the lamp and gel top coat. I will probably be purchasing the traditional Sally Hansen gel polish for the future.

If you want a kit of your own, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. 


Sorry -- I just don't want anything to happen with the gel top coat portion. You never know! Good luck!
Photo via Sally Hansen Website - Wine Not

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  1. I've never tried any type of gel polish or strips, but I have done the "gel" manicure with Gelous Nail Gel & it actually works pretty well.

  2. I haven't tried any type of gel polish yet, but my mom (not knowing what she was buying) bought me gel polish for Christmas last year! I just haven't gotten around to investing in a lamp and/or starter kit.

  3. Never. Tried them, but have alwasys been curious

  4. I have tried them and I had a similar feeling towards the strips...I'm terrible at applying them! I'd prefer polish, but overall, I am impressed with the quality of the Sally Hansen product and kits!

  5. I have only tried Gel II's gel polish, but have eyed the Sally Hansen ones every time I am in WalMart. Great review!

  6. I haven't! I've been dying to though!

  7. no, but ive been wanting to try them. The cost of the kit was just too much though. thanks for the giveaway!

  8. No! But I've been wanting to for a while now!

  9. I haven't but I really want to :) since I heard good things!!


  10. No, I haven't yet. I usually want to change my polish too often! But I'm thinking about it for my upcoming Disney trip. A week there is going to be rough on my polish!

  11. I have never tried these before but I am very interested in starting a gel collection. One of my friends using only gel polishes now.

  12. I've tried nail polish strips but not gel ones! And i've never tried gel polish before. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I have yet to try gel strips or gel polish, but this giveaway seems like a great start!! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  14. I've never tried gel strips but I wore gel polish for my wedding.


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