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Julep Maven: February It Girl Box 2012

Monday, February 04, 2013

Hello, hello! So, this is only the 2nd ever Julep box I have ever received. My first one was the penny intro It Girl box and I wasn't at ALL impressed. I'm thinking that since the intro polishes changed almost as soon as I signed up, I got one of the last boxes.

The polishes didn't seem to be quality at all and I refused to get another box until I saw something I really wanted.

Well, this February's box had 2 holographic polishes. My box came with a silver one. Since I have some silver holographic already, I basically wanted this to test our and compare.

All swatch pictures are shown without a top coat.

Below is everything that came in my maven box:
Joan, Marion, Rebel | Freedom Top Coat | Plastic Eyelash Curler

Julep Maven February It Girl Box

Here are the three colors my Maven box came with. From left to right you have Joan, Marion, and Rebel. Rebel is supposed to be the holographic polish in this set.

Joan | Marion | Rebel

Joan | Marion | Rebel

This is the cute little plastic eyelash curler that also came in the box. It's so cute and less scary looking than most eyelash curlers.

Julep Plastic Eyelash Curler

First up is Joan. Joan is a raspberry plum polish with a rose gold shimmer. The gold flecks show up more in the bottle than on the nail, but I still think this color is absolutely amazing. The application was quite smooth and I was super amazed. 

*Julep may have just made a believer out of me*

Julep Joan
Julep Joan

Here is Marion. Marion is also the name of my grandmother [in-law]. Of course I love anything blue, green, blue-green, and so on. Marion is described as a smokey blue with a silver shimmer. I totally agree with the silver shimmer, but this is like a tealy-turquoisey color to me. 

Again, the shimmer is super obvious in the bottle and is sublt eon the nail. The application was, again, super smooth and I really love it.

Julep Marion
Julep Marion

So here is the polish I was waiting for. Let's start with the application. I used two thin and even coats to get this opacity. It glides on smooth and there is definitely even coverage in terms of glitter and shimmer.

I guess this is one of those holographics that you need to see in the sun because I could not, for the life of me, get any holo effect indoors.

Julep Rebel | Indoors
Julep Rebel | Indoors

I had to find out if actually rainbowed or not, so I took my pajama-d self outside and stood in the sun. Well, yes, yes it did rainbow on me. It was hard to get good pictures if it, but I promise you, it DOES show up holographic in the sunlight.

Julep Rebel | Outdoors
Julep Rebel | Outdoors

Here come the comparisons! I had three other silver polishes with holographic properties and I wanted to see how good bad they were against Rebel.

Below I have OPI DS Coronation, NfuOh 61, and Color Club Harp On It.

Silver Holographic Comparison

The next two photos show you how these 4 polishes compare inside with no sunlight and either outside in the sun or inside in the sun.

This one below is all 4 inside and outside. Obviously, the Color Club holo is the BEST one. It shows the rainbow effect in my lightbox with NO effort!

Top row: Inside no sun | Bottom row: Outside in the sun
Top row: Inside no sun | Bottom row: Inside in the sun

Out of the 4 polishes that I tried, I think I'd definitely rank it #2. It does shine more than the NfuOh 61 but definitely not as much as the Color Club.

The OPI DS Coronation is more like a top coat sort of deal, not necessarily a "holo polish."

Overall, I'm definitely impressed with this month's Maven It Girl box. Julep, you may have just won me over and convincing me that maybe your polishes aren't too bad after all.

I hope that future boxes will impress me as I really do want to give it a fair and fighting chance.

Thanks for ready, all! Let me know what you think in the comments or on Facebook!

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  1. Thank you for posting, I'm also an It-girl and i was really nervous that the Holo wouldn't be very good (not that it stopped me from getting the other holo as an add on lol).

  2. I skipped the holos this month from Julep because I like my holos to be blinding, but thank you for the review and comparison! Good to know for future shopping.


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