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Family Road Trip Vehicle - Choosing the Perfect Family Ride

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


As a fairly new mom of 2 (9 months going now), I had worries about the car I was driving - a 2003 Prius. It barely fit the toddler car seat for my 2-year old daughter, so I knew it wasn't going to fit TWO car seats for both of my babies. I was in desperate need of a different vehicle, but now the problem was one many of us face. Can we afford a new car?

Enter: Cars.com - at cars.com you can view cars for purchase and even sell your old one. It gives you all the tools you need right at your fingertips. Their site includes all available makes and models as well as pictures galore of the vehicle you might be interested in. I knew that I wanted some sort of SUV or van, but I didn't know what make, what model, even the year.

Want to know what we eventually decided on? We now drive a 2012 Toyota Sienna. It's the perfect car for us - lots of space for both the kids in their car seats AND plenty of space in the trunk. We recently took a road trip up north for a family event and I was able to fit both kids comfortably in the car and had plenty of room for all of my luggage and extra kid things (all you moms know what I'm talking about).

From cars.com | toyota-sienna-2016
From cars.com | 2016 Toyota Sienna Model
Baby T - Cars.com | 2012 Toyota Sienna | Kat Stays PolishedNatalie - Cars.com | 2012 Toyota Sienna | Kat Stays Polished

Natalie - Cars.com | 2012 Toyota Sienna | Kat Stays Polished

Not only is our van amazing for kid space but we also have the room to bring home a Christmas tree from the local tree farm! We are slacking on it this year but definitely stay tuned on my social media channels for a tree pic! We can fit it INSIDE of our van! We usually get some between 6 and 7 feet so you know we've got a lot of room in our car.

What is your favorite family road trip vehicle? What do you use and how many kids do you have? Let me know and do a search on cars.com - show me what you came up with!

*Post sponsored by cars.com. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. shouldn't the baby seats be rear-facing?

    1. sorry for leaving that kind of comment by the way, I didn't mean to be rude or anything (I was in a just-woke-up haze). I used to read a lot of parenting blogs and they were all "rear-facing all the way! (as long as possible)" (it's supposedly because babies' necks aren't strong enough to be front-facing during a crash), but maybe it's changed in recent years so I don't know. congrats on the beautiful kids!

    2. My son is rear facing but my daughter is front facing now.

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