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Easy Canvas Prints - Review

Monday, September 02, 2013

Hi guys!!!!! Today I have something a little bit different for my blog. It's still relevant to life so keep reading! =)

Have you ever heard of canvas prints for your photos? I had heard of it but never experienced it for myself. I got the opportunity to work with Easy Canvas Prints. I thought long and hard about what I would want to stick on a canvas and I started with nail things but quickly came off that track. I thought about what people would generally get as a canvas print...babies [don't have any], family [just me and hubs right now], and wedding pictures.

WEDDING PICTURES!!! Okay, so now that I have a subject, I gotta go back and see which pictures would transition the best on canvas. Since I don't have many big prints of my wedding pictures, I decided to go with a great group shot outside of the church.

My 2nd wedding anniversary is next Tuesday [Sept 10] so this was the PERFECT time to do a post like this. We'll be vacationing in Key West [for the first time!] so leave me comments on what your fave thing to do down there is!

So, back to creating my canvas masterpiece! It's so easy to create! You can upload any picture you want [even from Facebook and Instagram], crop, zoom, and decorate your canvas. You can preview it to see how it's going to print out and then you're done!

Here is the original picture I used for my canvas:

Okay, so here is the canvas right out of the box. It's wrapped in plastic during shipping so you know that the canvas is protected.

Here is the back of the canvas. The canvas is wrapped neatly around the thick cardboard frame. It even includes a sawtooth picture frame hanger in the back.

Here is the product after unwrapping. I think it looks totally like my original picture. The colors pretty much stayed the same and considering this was a zoomed in shot, it's not too bad!

Here is a closeup of the canvas itself. What do you think? I'm not sure what I expected but it sure does look like a canvas. The image transferred onto it pretty successfully.

Here is a closeup of the back if anyone was interested. The frame is just thick cardboard. The entire picture is super lightweight and can hang pretty much anywhere.

So here it is on my wall. I love how the canvas just wraps around the sides and corners. When you customize your settings, you can choose how it wraps around. I love how clean and crisp the edges look and it just blends right it to the wall.

So, my first picture-to-canvas experience was a great one! Not only did I get a great keepsake from my wedding, but I had such an easy time ordering my piece.

Right now, the canvases are 25% off. The 8"x10" that I got is now available for $33.23 with FREE shipping. Go to the Easy Canvas Prints website now to just try out building your custom canvas. If you like how easy it is, just click through to order!

So...what did you think? Have you ever ordered a picture canvas before?

*This product and service was provided to me by Easy Canvas Prints for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Awesome! I can think of lots of things I'd want to do this with... if I could find room on my wals!


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