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TJ's Thursday Pick: Blue & Purple Water Marble

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well, it's another Thursday! TJ chose a water marble for me to do this time. He chose a dark shimmer blue, a light blue, and a "dark bright purple"--what he called it. 

I haven't done a water marble in a while because, of course, my nails had been nubs for way too long. 

I did run into some problems, as you will see on my middle finger. The center of the bullseye kinda ran together when I lifted my finger out of the water. It was too thick in the center and didn't have enough room to spread.

For the most part, it went well. The Orly color and the China Glaze color spread nicely. The OPI was a little on the thick side and didn't spread as well. 

Overall, I think this challenge was met. It could have been better, but still, not too shabby. Thanks for looking!

Orly Charged Up | OPI No Room for the Blues | China Glaze Blue Iguana

Water Marble: Blue and Purple

TJ's Thursday Pick: Water Marble

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  1. ur crazy. the middle finger looks fine. ^_^

    1. HAHA thanks. I feel like it could have been better though. And hush. You can see it in person.


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