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Melmer, Schmelmer! -- It's hard work!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Let me cut to the chase. I needed/wanted melmers for my polish instead of putting them in my nail polish desk drawers. I knew we'd be running errands today and checked the Michael's website to see what the weekly coupon was. 50% off! That's what I found.

The first Michael's I went to had none of the 3-drawer models I was looking for. Luckily, there are several Michael's stores in my area. The 2nd one I went to had a bunch of them. They were also 40% off which meant no coupon.

They are originally priced at $39.99 where I am. After the sale price, I paid only $23.99 for each.

They are not assembled, but it was so easy to do...just a little time consuming for my tiny, weak hands, lol.

When the first one was complete, I was so proud of myself. After the second one was complete, I felt like I had just finished climbing Everest or something. Okay...maybe not THAT extreme, but I was happy I had no help putting them together.

The only thing I'd say to anyone who does not have this yet is the bottoms are not balanced. If you fill the drawers, you will have to support the bottom while you browse your polish. I guess this is the "con" versus the IKEA helmers which are metal and can probably support each drawer individually.


Obviously assembly is required

Each step as it was completed

Final setup in my room

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