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FingerPaints - Pop Movement Collection

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hey all! Here's another great collection from FingerPaints. This one is called the Pop Movement collection. Look at those bright colors! It's cool that these creams all came with a complementing glitter topper. Let's take a closer look!

FingerPaints - Pop Movement | Kat Stays Polished

First up is Art Deco Pink. There is some serious hot pink action going on here. This went on so smooth and in just 2 coats, I was ready to go!

FingerPaints Pop Movement - Art Deco Pink | Kat Stays Polished

On top of Art Deco Pink, I applied one coat of Ka-Pow! I really do like glitter toppers like that because they can really make any manicure pop! You can even place individual glitters to create designs.

FingerPaints Pop Movement - Ka Pow | Kat Stays Polished

Next is Kitchy Tangerine. This is a really juicy orange. It reminds me of one of those really big orange popsicles. Again, this is 2 coats and it's completely opaque!

FingerPaints Pop Movement - Kitchy Tangerine | Kat Stays Polished

Three's a Party is a pretty glitter topper and this is one coat over Kitchy Tangerine. These glitters pretty much covered the nail in one swipe but I did have to place some in a few bare spots.

FingerPaints Pop Movement - Three's A Party | Kat Stays Polished

Paper Mache is just a nice white cream. You can never have enough whites and blacks in your polish collection. If you used this as an undie for either the Art Deco Pink or the Kitchy Tangerine, you'd have a seriously bright mani! This is 2 coats and top coat.

FingerPaints Pop Movement - Paper Mache | Kat Stays Polished

This last glitter topper is called Kozmotology. It's an interesting mix of colors but I absolutely love it. I'm really thinking about creating a bunch of different designs with individually place glitters using all of these toppers.

FingerPaints Pop Movement - Kozmotology | Kat Stays Polished

Have you picked up any of these shades yet? This is the season for neons so I definitely recommend these to add to your neon polish collection. 
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  1. OMG!!! I LOVE ALL of them! The white polish looks so smooth! The rest are just adorable. Those glitter toppers are sooo pretty!!! Nice job!


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