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Fancy Friday French in RED!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hey guys! So, I'm going out of town...in fact, I'm already in MD by the time you're reading this! I decided to do one more post for you before my long weekend away from my blog and stuff.

So, there are a few reasons why I'll be in MD. The first is, my cousin Daniel is getting married, yay! The second...well, it is Mother's Day on Sunday and I get to spend it with my mom and my MIL.

Since red is the color of good luck in the Chinese culture, I always paint my nails red whenever I go up for a family event. I didn't want to paint my nails entirely red, so I decided to try out a red French tip.

I also wanted to do a gel polish because I won't have time to do any touch ups on my nails if they get chipped.

All of this was done freehand -- meaning, no French tip guides at all. It is much easier with [this particular brand] gel polish to get even rounded lines for the tip. It's also easier to clean up if need be. The formula with the Red Carpet Manicure brand is really thin and you don't need a lot on the brush to get good color.

Enjoy these! Have a fabulous weekend and I will see you on Tuesday when I get back. I might not have a post up, but look for me on IG and my Facebook page!

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  1. Nice simple manicure :) I've never tried to create a french tip manicure but I should since they look really elegant :)

  2. Very pretty! I've never seen a red french top but I really like it :)


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